Tea seminars & tasting sessions

Fancy a cup of speciality tea – but you’ve still got a lot of question marks in your head? From Chinese white tea to Japanese green tea, and from Taiwanese oolong to Korean black tea: In my tea seminar “Journey into the world of tea” we try our way through a wide variety of teas together and find the right tea even for newcomers and for coffee fans!

Tea 101: «Journey into the world of tea»
Tea seminar

An informative and entertaining, detailed introduction to tea preparation (keywords: water filtering, temperature, brewing time), tea processing and leaf grades, tea cultures and history, tea chemistry and botany of the tea plant. Accompanied by – of course – extensive tasting of numerous teas from green and white tea to oolong and black tea.


  • Tea tasting of different types from white tea to pu-erh
  • Basic knowledge of cultivation, harvesting and processing
  • Preparation tips for enjoying tea in everyday life
  • Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Current dates & locations:

Tea tasting: «Tea with all senses»
Personalised tasting session

Since I want to make sure that you get the best tea experience for your personal needs, I carefully curate each tea tasting session after our initial conversation about the level of educational, gustatory or entertainment value that you wish to get out of your personal tea event.


  • Selection of teas for tasting
  • Tea knowledge and tips for enjoying tea
  • Duration: from 45 minutes
  • Location: by arrangement
  • Languages: English, German, Portuguese

Dates & conditions: after individual coordination

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