Team events & corporate workshops

In addition to my local tea seminars, I offer companies specially tailored workshops and team events that show how integrating tea at work can help foster a more mindful environment. All formats are also possible via Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Discord, or Google Meet upon arrangement.

Team events & corporate workshops

Team event: «Tea Lunch & Learn»
The speciality tea experience for the whole team

An informative and entertaining introduction to the world of tea – here in a compact form for the lunch break with colleagues. With exciting facts about the world of tea and inspiration for that little tea break in between work tasks.

Recommended duration: approx. 45 to 60 minutes

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Team events & corporate workshops

Workshop: «Tea – a pragmatic ritual for your working day»
Tea workshop with tips & tricks for enjoying tea even in hectic everyday life

New ideas from tried and tested rituals? One thing is clear: tea is more than a drink. How a consciously enjoyed cup of tea can help you find a moment of reflective calm between a marathon meeting and a to-do list – that’s what I’ll be reporting on in this format.

Recommended duration: from 30 minutes (up to approx. 90 minutes)

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Team events & corporate workshops