Brand consulting & services for tea stores

You need advice, require support, or are interested in collaboration? Feel free to contact me for an initial meeting. I am happy to share with you my professional experience and knowledge from various areas within the tea industry and tea retail: With targeted communication, a passion for quality, and authentic stories from and about the world of tea, I can support you in delighting your customers with a unique tea experience – and reaching a larger audience with your tea specialties at the same time.


Marketing for speciality tea

The market for specialty tea in the DACH region and across Europe has undergone sustainable changes in recent decades. Tea specialties from China, Japan, Korea, or Taiwan, which were previously reserved for connoisseurs, are now gaining more attention – even among tea novices. This is partly due to the tireless passion with which knowledge about the intricate product of tea has always been conveyed in tea retail. Additionally, young tea companies and brands are successfully captivating new audiences for fine tea enjoyment through diverse concepts.

Getting customers excited about tea

From product descriptions to mandatory information, and from product photography to or your own video production: With my extensive experience in the advertising and communications industry, I am here to assist you, alongside partners from my creative network. Together, we support you in professionally showcasing your tea with product storytelling – whether for your e-commerce tea store or your brick-and-mortar shop.

Tea seminars at your local venue

If you wish to host tea workshops at your tea house or specialty tea shop but are still unsure about the best way to implement this endeavor, I am here to assist you. Whether it’s Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, or Zurich, I am happy to conduct my tea workshops either on your behalf or directly at your location – across Europe, East Asia, and beyond. In addition to conducting seminar events, I assist you in the content conceptualization and development of your own seminar series. I provide guidance not only on the structure and execution but also on aspects of marketing and sales.

Can I talk to you about tea?

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Brand consulting & services for tea stores