Welcome to the world of tea!

Hello, my name is Thomas Langnickel-Stiegler, and I’m here to get you excited about the world of loose-leaf tea. Since 2011, I’ve been working in various positions at the forefront of what is sometimes referred to as «the renaissance of speciality tea in the Western world», which has been taking place over the past decade or two.

I originally turned my passion for tea into a fulltime career after training with one of Berlin’s most renowned stores for loose-leaf tea: Runge & Graf. I learned how to open those wooden tea crates and package the tea for sale, how to taste and judge tea samples, and how to handcraft house-blends, flavour tea with natural essential oils and create innovative recipes for ever so delicious herbal infusions and flowery tisanes.

It’s been quite the journey – from that very first time I sat down over a cup of tea with my former mentor in Berlin to becoming one of the founding partners of a Berlin-based specialty tea company in 2012, and from hosting my own range of tea workshops and seminars to lending my expertise to the introduction of a fully-automated tea machine in 2017.

Today, I continue to host tea workshops and seminars (on request only) – in addition to supporting companies and individuals with my experience in product development, sales and brand strategy.